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Dr. Tyler Stitt


Dr. Stitt has a unique educational and work background in veterinary medicine and public health. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with Honors in Biology in 2001, after which he obtained a Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine (MPH&TM) from James Cook University in Townsville, Australia in 2004. Dr. Stitt graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.

To fulfill the MPH&TM requirements, Dr. Stitt completed two unique projects. One project was a field report that evaluated the outcomes of a rural sanitation program that had been staffed by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and funded by UNICEF Pacific. Dr Stitt spent 3 weeks interviewing rural communities on the remote island of Tanna to determine community-perceived impacts and outcomes on health. The second project was a literature review of leptospirosis in banana plantation workers in northern Queensland, with an emphasis on the integrated management of leptospirosis.

Dr Stitt has a keen interest in the role that educational multimedia and published materials has in raising public awareness of wildlife and zoonotic diseases. He is currently working to better understand the complexities of an ecosystem-based approach to minimizing disease risks, and hopes to one day apply these skills and knowledge to international development.