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Kevin Brown

IT Manager

Kevin Brown is the Information Technology Manager for CCWHC and is located in the CCWHC Headquarters office in Saskatoon.

Kevin was born and raised in Wigan, England and before emigrating to Canada, served as a weapon's technician with the British Armed Forces, serving in England, Northern Ireland, Germany and Canada. Kevin's interests include music and sports but the majority of his time is dedicated to his young family.

A graduate, in 2002, of the Computer Systems Technology program at SIAST Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon, his main professional areas of interest are database archicture and design and web development. After graduating, Kevin worked as a web developer for a local IT company before being approached by CCWHC as a replacement for a departing programmer. Kevin began working with CCWHC in 2005 and has since taken over the role of IT Manager.

Kevin is responsible for the development and maintenance of the CCWHC's central database as well as the maintenance and upkeep of CCWHC servers and IT procedures and protocols. Kevin also oversees the development team located in CCWHC Headquarters office and interacts frequently with CCWHC personnel across the entire organisation in an effort to improve the quality and usefulness of the technology CCWHC uses. He is also actively involved in promoting CCWHC technological services to external users and groups.