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About CWHC

Our People at CWHC

CWHC National Office

Name Position
Dr. Craig Stephen Executive Director
Patrick Zimmer HQ Director
Nadine Kozakevich Accountant
Kevin Brown IT Manager
Trevor Lohneis Systems Analyst
Bevan Federko Programmer Analyst
Erin Moffatt Data and Communications Technologist
Dr. Marc Cattet Professional Associate
Dr. Frederick (Ted) A. Leighton Professional Associate
Dr. Jane Parmley Epidemiologist


Name Position
Chelsea Himsworth Veterinary Pathologist and Regional Coordinator
Ann Britton Veterinary Pathologist
Victoria Bowes Avian pathologist
Jane Pritchard Lab Manager
Stephen Raverty Veterinary Pathologist
Helen Schwantje Veterinary Pathologist
Cait Nelson Wildlife Health Biologist

CCWHC Alberta

Name Position
Dr. Susan Kutz Regional Director
Dr. Susan Cork Professor - Ecosystem and Public Health
Dr. Mani Lejeune Wildlife Parasitologist
Dr. Padraig Duignan Wildlife Pathologist;Associate Professor (Anatomic Pathology)
Dr. Nigel Caulkett Professor Department Head, Veterinary Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences
Dr. Judit Smits Associate Professor – Ecosystem and Public Health
Dr. Sylvia Checkley Assistant Professor - Ecosystem and Public Health
Dr. Alessandro Massolo Associate Professor – Ecosystem and Public Health
Dr. Karin Orsel Assistant Professor (Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases)Production Animal Health
Jian Wang Lab manager
Jesse Invik Technician

CCWHC Western/Northern

Name Position
Dr. Trent Bollinger Regional Director (On Leave)
Dr. Gary Wobeser Veterinary Pathologist
Dr. Lorraine Bryan Pathologist
Steven Scott Pathologist
Marnie Zimmer Wildlife Biologist
Crystal Rainbow Wildlife Technician

CCWHC Ontario/Nunavut

Name Position
Dr. Claire Jardine Regional Director
Dr. Dale Smith Associate Director
Dr. Doug Campbell Veterinary Pathologist
Dr. John Lumsden Fish Disease Specialist
Dr. Ian Barker Veterinary Pathologist
Dr. Nicole Nemeth Veterinary Pathologist
Dr. Jane Parmley Epidemiologist
Carol-Lee Ernst Secretary
Lenny Shirose Wildlife Technician
Dr. Cheryl Massey West Nile Virus Lab Supervisor
David Cristo Communications Coordinator

CCWHC Quebec

Name Position
Dr. Stéphane Lair Regional Director
Dr. André Dallaire Veterinary Pathologist
Dr. Pauline Delnatte Veterinary Pathologist / Clinician
Kathleen Brown Lab Supervisor
Dr. Christopher Larrat Veterinary Resident
Dr. Émilie L. Couture Veterinary Resident
Judith Viau Wildlife Technician
Viviane Casaubon Wildlife Technician

CCWHC Atlantic

Name Position
Dr. Pierre-Yves Daoust Regional Director
Dr. Scott McBurney Veterinary Pathologist
Dr. María Forzán Veterinary Pathologist
Darlene Weeks Wildlife Technician