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History of the CCWHC Expertise Directory

One of the earliest activities of the fledgling CCWHC in 1992 was to prepare a directory of individuals with special expertise in aspects of wildlife health in Canada. We did this because we realized that there were many individuals, spread thinly across the country, whose experience and knowledge would be of great value as we tried to establish a creditable national program to deal with diverse health problems in free-ranging animals. We began by contacting individual experts known to CCWHC personnel. We asked: a) if they would be willing to have their name and area of expertise included in the directory and b) if they could suggest other individuals who should be included within such a directory. We then contacted the next "generation" of experts with the same two questions, and repeated this process until we reached a point at which we were not receiving any "new" names. Our intent was to be as inclusive as possible, but we recognized that we might miss including some highly qualified individuals. That did happen to a limited degree, and we extend our apology to anyone who was overlooked. The directory proved highly useful for finding just the "right" person who could advise us on how to do a procedure, give an accurate diagnosis or interpretation that was beyond our experience, or to whom we could refer a special problem. As with any document of the type, the list of individuals became less useful with time, so we have repeated the process to produce this new edition. We hope that the directory will be of value to you.