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2012/2013 Publications List

Daoust P-Y, M van de Bildt, D van Riel, G van Amerongen, T Bestebroer, R Vanderstichel, RAM Fouchier, and T Kuiken. 2012. Replication of two subtypes of low-pathogenicity Avian Influenza virus of duck and gull origins in experimentally infected Mallard ducks. Veterinary Pathology Online

Daoust P-Y, and C Caraguel.  2012.  The Canadian harp seal hunt: observations on the effectiveness of procedures to avoid poor animal welfare outcomes.  Animal Welfare 21: 445-455.

Van Der Hoop JM, MJ Moore, SG Barco, TVN Cole, P-Y Daoust, AG Henry, DF McAlpine, WA McLellan, T Wimmer, and AR Solow. 2012. Assessment of management to mitigate anthropogenic effects on large whales. Conservation Biology 27:121-133.

Steele J, Cuyler C, Orsel K, Kutz SJ (In press) Differences in parasite diversity, prevalence, and intensity assessed through analyses of fecal samples from two West Greenland caribou populations. Rangifer. In Press.

Verocai GG, Lejeune M, Beckmen K, Kashivakura CK, Veitch A, Popko R, Fuentealba C, Hoberg E, Kutz JS (2012) Defining parasite biodiversity at high latitudes of North America: new host and geographic records for Onchocerca cervipedis (Nematoda: Onchocercidae) in moose and caribou. Parasites & Vectors, pp. 242.

Catalono S, Lejeune M, Liccioli S, Verocai GG, Gesy KM, Jenkins EJ, Kutz SJ, Fuentealba C, Duignan PJ, Massolo A (2012) Echinococcus multilocularis in urban and peri-urban Coyotes (Canis latrans) in Alberta, Canada. Emerging Infectious Disease, vol. 18, no. 10, pp. 1625-1628.

Ducrocq J, Beauchamp G, Kutz S, Simard M, Elkin B, Croft B, Taillon J, Côté SD, Brodeur V, Campbell M, Cooley D, Cuyler C, Lair S (2012) Comparison of gross visual and microscopic assessment of four anatomic sites to monitor Besnoitia tarandi in barren-ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus) Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 48.

Forde T, Kutz S, De Buck J, Warren A, Ruckstuhl K, Pybus M, Orsel K (2012) Occurrence, diagnosis, and strain typing of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis) in southwestern Alberta. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48:1-11.

Forde T, Orsel K, De Buck J, Côté SD, Cuyler C, Davison T, Elkin B, Kelly A, Kienzler M, Popko R, Taillon J, Veitch A, Kutz SJ (2012) Detection of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in several herds of arctic caribou (Rangifer tarandus spp.). Journal of Wildlife Diseases. In Press.

Galloway JM, Adamczewski J, Schock DM, Andrews TD, MacKay G, Bowyer VE, Meulendyk T, Moorman BJ, Kutz SJ* (2012) Diet and habitat of mountain woodland caribou inferred from dung preserved in 5000-year-old alpine ice in the Selwyn Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada. Arctic 65, Suppl. 1.

Hoar B, Eberhardt AG, Kutz S (2012) Obligate larval inhibition of Ostertagia gruehneri in Rangifer tarandus: Causes and consequences in an Arctic system. Parasitology 139:1-

Hoar BM, Ruckstuhl K, Kutz S (2012) Development and availability of the free-living stages of Ostertagia gruehneri, an abomasal parasite of barren ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus), on the Canadian tundra. Parasitology 139:1093-1100.

Hoberg EP, Abrams A, Pilitt P, Kutz SJ* (2012) Discovery and description of the "davtiani" morphotype for Teladorsagia boreoarcticus (Trichostrongyloidea: Ostertagiinae) abomasal parasites in muskoxen, Ovibos moschatus and caribou, Rangifer tarandus from the North American Arctic: implications for parasite faunal diversity. Journal of Parasitology. In Press.

Hoberg EP, Galbreath K, Cook JA, Kutz SJ, Polley L (2012) Northern host-parasite assemblages: history and biogeography on the borderlands of episodic climate and environmental transition. Advances in Parasitology 79:1-97.

Koren L, Whiteside D, Fahlman A, Ruckstuhl K, Kutz SJ, Checkley S, Dumond M, Wynne-Edwards K (2012) Cortisol and corticosterone independence in cortisol-dominant wildlife. General and comparative endocrinology 177:113-119.

Kutz SJ (2012) Polar Diseases and Parasites: A conservation paradigm shift. In: Huettman F (ed) Protection of the Three Poles Springer.

Kutz SJ, Ducrocq J, Cuyler C, Elkin B, Gunn A, Kolpashikov L, Russell D, White R (2012) Standardized monitoring of Rangifer health during International Polar Year. Rangifer.

Kutz SJ, Ducrocq J, Verocai GG, Hoar BM, Colwell DD, Beckmen K, Polley L, Elkin BT, Hoberg EP (2012) Parasites of ungulates of arctic North America and Greenland: A view of contemporary diversity, ecology, and impact in a world under change. Advances in Parasitology 79:99-252.

Liccioli S, Catalono S, Kutz SJ, Lejeune M, Verocai GG, Duignan PJ, Fuentealba C, Hart M, Ruckstuhl K, Massolo A (2012) Gastrointestinal parasites of coyotes (Canis latrans) in the metropolitan area of Calgary, Canada. Canadian Journal of Zoology, vol. 90, no. 8, pp. 1023-1030.

Liccioli S, Catalono S, Kutz SJ, Massolo A (2012) Sensitivity of double centrifugation sugar flotation for detecting gastrointestinal helminths in coyotes (Canis latrans). Journal of Wildlife Diseases, vol. 48, no. 3, pp. 717-723.

Tryland M, Kutz SJ, Curry P (2012) Wildlife health in a changing North: A model for global environmental change. In: Aguirre AA, Ostfeld R, Daszak P (eds) New Directions in Conservation Medicine: Applied cases of ecological health. Oxford University Press, Inc., Oxford, pp. 122-134.
Wu J, Veitch A, Checkley S, Dobson H, Kutz SJ (2012) Linear enamel hypoplasia in caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus): a potential tool to assess population health. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 36, 554-560.

Burns, T, Ribble, C. McLaws, M., Kelton, D. Stephen, C. 2013. Can we increase compliance in reportable animal disease control by better understanding the views of stakeholders? A qualitative investigation of British Columbia backyard flock owners perspectives on bird health and avian influenza. Journal of Risk Research. 16(2): 245-260

Stephen C. 2013. Toward a new definition of animal health: lessons from the Cohen Commission and SPS Agreement. Optimum Online. 43(1) March

DeCiccio E, Stephen C, et al. 2013. Scuticociliatid ciliate outbreak in Australian pot-bellied seashores, Hippocampus abdominalis (Lesson, 1827): Clinical signs, histopathological findings and treatment with metronidazole. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine(in press)

Sawford K, Vollman AR, Stephen C . 2012. A Focused Ethnographic Study of Sri Lankan Government Field Veterinarians’ Decision Making about Diagnostic Laboratory Submissions and Perceptions of Surveillance. PLoS ONE 7(10): e48035. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0048035

Chapinal N, Elkin B Joly D Schumaker B, Stephen C. 2012. Agreement between the caudal fold test and serological tests for the detection of Mycobacterium bovis infection in bison. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 105:326-330

Valiex S,  Lokugalappati LGS, Abeynayake P, Prasad T, Chandrasiri ADN, Daniel SLA, Stephen C, Leighton T. 2012.  A feasibility study for the establishment of a national wildlife health centre in Sri Lanka. Rev sci tech Off int Epiz. 30(3): 740-753.

Anholt RM, Stephen C, Copes R. 2012. Strategies for collaboration for the interdisciplinary field of emerging zoonotic diseases. Zoonoses and Public Health. 59(4): 229-240

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Soos C, Parmley J, McAloney K, Pollard B, Jenkins E, Kibenge F, Leighton FA. 2012. Bait Trapping Linked to Higher Avian Influenza Virus Detection in Wild Ducks. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48(2): 444-448.

Jokinen CC, Koot JM, Carrillo CD, Gannon VP, Jardine CM, Mutschall SK, Topp E, Taboada EN. 2012.  An enhanced technique combining pre-enrichment and passive filtration increases the isolation efficiency of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli from water and animal fecal samples.  J Microbiol Methods. 91(3):506-13.

Jardine CM, Janecko N, Allan M, Boerlin P, Chalmers G, Kozak G, McEwen SA, Reid-Smith RJ. 2012. Antimicrobial Resistance in Escherichia coli Isolated from Raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Southern Ontario, Canada. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 3873-3879.

LePage V, Dutton C, Kummrow M, MacLellan D, Young KM, Lumsden JS. (2012). Neoplasia of captive Hippocampus kuda and Phyllopteryx taeniolatus. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 43:50-58.

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Cernicchiaro N, Pearl DL, McEwen SA, Harpster L, Homan HJ, Linz GM, Lejeune JT. Association of wild bird density and farm management factors with the prevalence of E. coli O157 in dairy herds in Ohio (2007-2009). Zoonoses Public Health. 2012 Aug;59(5):320-329.

Delnatte, P., D. Okjic, J. Delay, D. Campbell, G. Crawshaw and D.A. Smith.  Pathology and diagnosis of avian bornavirus infection in wild Canada geese (Branta canadensis), trumpeter swans (Cygnus buccinator) and mute swans (Cygnus olor) in Canada: a retrospective study.  Avian Pathology.  2013.  42(2): 114-128.

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Larrat, S., J. Marvin, Lair S. Safety and efficacy of emamectin benzoate to treat Anguillicoloides crassus (Kuwahara, Niimi and Itagaki) infections in American eels (Anguilla rostrata, Lesueur). Journal of Fish Diseases. 35: 467-470. 2012.

Larrat, S., Marvin, J., Lair S. Low sensitivity of antemortem gill biopsies for the detection of subclinical Pseudodactylogyrus bini infestations in American eels (Anguilla rostrata). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 43(1): 190–192, 2012.

Rasambainarivo, F.T., T.R. Gillespie, P.C. Wright, J. Arsenault, A. Villeneuve, S. Lair. Survey of Giardia sp. and Cryptosporidium sp. in lemurs from the Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. In press. January 2013.

Matsumoto, T.;Samuel, M. D.; Bollinger, T; Pybus, M.; Coltman, D. 2013 Association mapping of genetic risk factors for chronic wasting disease in wild deer. Evolutionary Applications :6 (2): 340-352.

Book Chapters:

strong>Kutz, S. 2012. Polar Parasites: A Conservation paradigm shift. In: Protection of three poles. Ed. F. Huettmann. Springer Japan. In press.

Tryland, M., S. Kutz, and P. Curry. 2012. Wildlife Health in a Changing North: A Model for Global Environmental Change. In: Conservation Medicine: Applied Cases of Ecological Health". Eds. A. A. Aguirre, P. Daszak, and R. S.Ostfeld. Oxford University Press, New York, USA. In press

Other publications:

Rangifer Anatomy Website. 2011. An interactive website providing general and detailed information on caribou and reindeer anatomy, caribou hunting and caribou sampling.

Publications with some collaboration from the CCWHC (but no one at the CCWHC as an author):

Mainguy, J, C, Fehlner-Gardiner, D, Slate, RJ, Rudd. Oral Rabies Vaccination in Raccoons: Comparison of ONRABH and RABORAL V-RGH Vaccine-Bait Field Performance in Quebec, Canada and Vermont, USA. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 49(1), 2013, pp. 190–193

Simon, A, Bigras Poulin, M, Rousseau, AN, Dubey, JP, Ogden, NH, Spatiotemporal dynamics of Toxoplasma gondii infection in Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis) in western Quebec, Canada Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 49(1), 2013, pp. 39–48